Wooden safety matches

Wooden safety matches are apt for use in the kitchen to light the stove. They can also be used to light fireplaces, campfires, camp stoves or barbecues. The safety match box is made of fine quality duplex board for both in and out.


The splints are made of perfectly chopped Malabarica splints. We also offer Popular splints & Imported splints. Clients can choose from various box sizes. The box contains side friction which is fully tinted with either a two side border or a four side border. The safety matches have different colour heads to choose from like brown, black and red. We also customise the head colour as per buying request.

Specification -
Size we offer Loadability in 40ft cont
51 x 35 x 15 mm 2100 Cartons
51 x 35 x 14.5 / 14 mm 2350 cartons
51 x 36 x 12 mm 2800 cartons
49 x 35 x 14 mm 2600 Cartons
47 x 35 x 13 mm 2850 Cartons
48 x 35 x 12 mm 2950 Cartons

Splints we offer

  • 40 x 2 x 2 mm
  • 42 x 2 x 2 mm

Color of head

  • Black, Brown
  • Red, Blue
  • Yellow

Side Friction

  • Dotted with Margin
  • Fully tinted with two side border
  • Fully tinted with four side border
Packing -

10s Packings

PVC packing
BOPP packing
Printed wrapper

100s Packings

transparent polybag
printed polybag
shrink packing

1000s Packings

3 ply single color printed brown carton
3 ply multi color printed white carton

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