Why us

Following are some of the factors that differentiate us from our competitors. We are a company who possess the necessary expertise to deliver the best products.


Our motto is to achieve customer confidence by providing all round customer service. As a safety match manufacturer, we design the entire product according to client specification and in the end we ensure a high quality product reaches them.

Price centric product design

At Apex, we have the capacity to cater to versatile clientele needs. We can always work out a manufacturing plan or product design which suits the customer needs the best. Thus, we offer a product design as per the price desired by the client.

Best delivery service

To ensure a smooth delivery cycle, we keep a check on the production process from the very beginning. All our raw material and finished goods are stored in our go-down. Our team constantly communicates with our clients so that the product reaches the customer on time in a safe and sound condition.

Exceptional client service

Our customer care guides are present from the beginning to the end of the manufacturing process. They ensure proper product design as per client requirement, packaging of product and delivery of product. And not just that, we also have a team which provides exceptional after sales service.

Quality Assurance

We follow a sound quality policy which includes inspection of goods, raw materials and finished goods. We conduct various tests on our safety matches and only once they conform to those set standards we give the consent to ship them. We maintain quality at three levels: human resource, production process and packaging.

Manufacturing flexibility

Unlike other safety match manufacturers, Apex Match is quite flexible when it comes to the manufacturing process. Our clients can design the product as per their desired price and market needs and trends. We are also blessed with an extensive manufacturing unit which allows us to cater to high capacity and bulk orders. We see to that all the orders are ready on time to be shipped.


We are a committed company who believe in delivering the best. Our customer service is open 24 hours. Clients can make an enquiry and our people will respond immediately. Therefore, clients should feel free to make an enquiry or contact us for anything.

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