Long Stick Household Matches

The long stick safety matches are matches with longer splints which allow the flame to be lit for a longer time. It is ideal for use in homes.


These matches have a bigger match head, higher breakage strength and a moisture proof match body and even side friction. The splinters are made of white pine and asper wood. These matches are safe and are available in multiple box sizes.

Specification -
Size we offer Loadability in 40ft cont
112 x 65 x 24 mm 2000 Carton
117 x 66 x 29 mm 1600 Carton
And any sizes as per buyers requirements

Splints we offer

  • 40 mm
  • 42 mm
  • 46 mm
  • 55 mm

Color of head

  • Black, Brown
  • Red, Blue
  • Yellow

Side Friction

  • Dotted with Margin
  • Fully tinted
Packing -

3s Packings

Transparent packing

72s or 216s Packing

3 ply single color printed brown carton
3 ply multi color printed white carton

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